Franklin Chevrolet is sponsoring the Bulloch County Literacy Council’s Bulloch READ project at the $5,000 level. The initiative seeks to improve preschool and early-elementary literacy in Bulloch County.

Credit: Grice Connect

Stephen Franklin, vice-president of the local dealership, attended the Bulloch County Literacy Council’s “The Need to Read” kick-off event on Nov. 5, at Bulloch Solutions’ new Buckhead Drive location in Statesboro, to present the check to Literacy Council members. 

“Reading opens up your life, and we need to do as much as we can do to get kids reading and help the community,” Franklin said.

The funds will be used to support the Literacy Council’s Bulloch READ project. The purpose of the Bulloch County Literacy Council is to create a sustainable community collaborative that works to increase Kindergarten readiness for children birth through Pre-Kindergarten and to support the improvement of literacy levels for all children in Kindergarten through fifth grade. 

Franklin Chevrolet joins other businesses and individuals like Georgia Power, Whitfield Signs, Statesboro Real Estate & Investment, Bulloch Solutions, and Micheal and Vivian Summers, as well as others who have invested in improving literacy in Bulloch County.

About Bulloch County Literacy Council

Reading Nook at Bulloch Solutions Credit: Grice Connect

The Bulloch County Literacy Council is made up of preschool, secondary and post-secondary educators, representatives from literacy organizations, and business and civic organization leaders who want to help improve preschool literacy in Bulloch County. 

The Bulloch County Literacy Council is a collaborative group of educators, representatives from literacy organizations, business and civic organization leaders, and community volunteers who wants to help improve literacy in Bulloch County. They have multiple literacy initiatives aimed at raising public awareness of the importance of early literacy in preschool children.

Their focus is to R-E-A-D:

Bulloch County Schools Book Bus Credit: Grice Connect
  • Reading: Encourage families and businesses to create Reading nooks where children can look at and read books or have books read to them.
  • Environment: Encourage a local Environment where reading and building early literacy skills is important.
  • Access: Increase the Access that children and their families have to books and reading resources through free book drops and Bulloch County Book Bus events
  • Development: The Development of early literacy programs. 

Some factors that can support literacy development include:

  • Availability of books in the home
  • Amount of time a caregiver spends reading to a child
  • Daily conversations with children in the developmental years

The Bulloch County Literacy Council is committed to supporting literacy initiatives that develop language skills, support classroom instruction, and engage the community. Working together with families, businesses, and community partners, we can improve literacy for the children of Bulloch County.

For more information about Literacy Council events and initiatives, visit their website at or contact Crystal Simpkins, Bulloch County Schools’ Director of Early Learning and Literacy at or 912.212.8892.