Mike Phillips, a reporter with WDEL.com in New Castle County, Delaware, covered the standoff with a Statesboro man and Delaware State Police on Wednesday, October 27, 2021.

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Around 1:30 pm OnStar® alerted Delaware State Police to a stolen SUV that was entering Delaware on Interstate 95.

DSP standoff with Statesboro, Georgia man Credit: Mike Phillips, WDEL.com

OnStar® remotely slowed the vehicle down to around 5 mph as it travelled northbound on I-95 through Churchman’s Marsh.

The Associated Press identified the man as a Statesboro, Georgia resident.

The Statesboro man refused to stop completely until crashing into a police car on the Airport Road off-ramp where they had set up a roadblock and the standoff began.

Delaware troopers reported two gunshots from the SUV during the standoff, before the man eventually drawled out of the vehicle and was treated on the scene by New Castle County paramedics for a gunshot wound to the chest.

According to Phillips report a 34-year old Statesboro man is in stable condition at Christiana Hospital. Due to being hospitalized, he has not been charged at this time. Because of this, they have not released the man’s name. Once he is charged, the name will be released.

No law enforcement officers were injured during the chase or standoff.

Police and the Delaware Department of Transportation crews shut down I-95 and Route 141 during the standoff.

Special thanks to Mike Phillips, WDEL.com for contributing to this story and allowing Grice Connect to use his images.

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