Because of the importance and vastness of workforce development, Bulloch County Schools called on leaders in Bulloch County to came together this week to embrace the “how” that can be accomplished when all partners are willing to collaborate toward a common goal.

Grice Connect live streamed the presentation. You can watch the entire presentation below:

Event Speakers Included:  

Workforce Development Team members L-R: Benjy Thompson, Bethany Gilliam, Kathleen Kosmoski, Rachel Barnwell, Dr. Julie Chance, Dr. Trudy Smith, GaDOE, Charles Wilson, Dr. Ryan Foley Credit: Grice Connect
  • Dr. Ryan Foley, Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs for Ogeechee Technical College
  • Benjy Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of the Development Authority of Bulloch County
  • Dr. Diana Cone, Vice Provost of the Office of the Provost/Academic Affairs, Georgia Southern University
  • Charles Wilson, Superintendent of Schools for Bulloch County Schools
  • Dr. Julie Chance, Executive Director of Program Improvement for Bulloch County Schools
  • Rachel Barnwell, Manager of Economic Development Programs for the Development Authority of Bulloch County
  • Kathleen Kosmoski, Director of Business & Industry Training for Ogeechee Technical College 
Credit: Grice Connect

The Workforce Development Plan

To that end, this Bulloch County Workforce Development Plan has been developed as an action plan to capture what has to be accomplished, who will be responsible, and how we will remain accountable.

This work is centered around the purpose of preparing students for successful careers and building an educated, skilled, and efficient workforce for economic growth in Bulloch County.

The Bulloch County Workforce Development Plan is focused on the three-pillar foundation model derived from the Georgia Department of Education’s vision for all students to graduate from high school prepared to be employed, enrolled, or enlisted:

  • Enrolled – Preparing students for post-secondary academic success.
  • Enlisted – Preparing students for careers in the military.
  • Employed – Preparing students for work in local and regional business and industry.

There are three goals that encapsulate this work. Each goal has specific strategies and action steps that outline the specific work to be done to accomplish each goal.

  • Goals for FY 22 through FY25:
    • Goal # 1 – Sustain a collaborative for developing and monitoring continuous improvement of ongoing communitywide workforce development strategies.
    • Goal # 2 – Implement an exemplary district-wide program for employability skills training, rigorous coursework, and authentic experiences for all CTAE students.
    • Goal # 3 – Prepare all students enrolled in Bulloch County Schools to be workforce ready through enrollment, enlistment, or employment opportunities.

Attendee and Community Survey

Below is a link to a survey that was given at the meeting. The purpose of the survey was first to gain immediate feedback from those in attendance. 

Disregard the questions relate to attendees if you did not attend in person or by watching the video presentation above.

Any citizen interested in workforce development in Bulloch County is encouraged to participate in the survey.

Special Thanks to Event Sponsors  
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Workforce Development Plan Overview

Below is a copy of the plan that was given to guest at the presentation. It provides a more in depth overview of the plan and shares ways the community can get engaged.

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