Updated 1:34: Statesboro Fire and Bulloch Fire responded to a heavy smoke at EGRMC Saturday, August 21 a little before noon.

Heavy smoke was reported initially in the kitchen area that was originating from the HVAC vents.

After SFD and EGRMC maintenance teams investigated it was determined that the smoke originated from a HVAC unit on the roof of the hospital.

“First I want to commend our team members for reacting quickly in getting everyone safely out of the kitchen and cafeteria area. Secondly, thanks to the Statesboro Fire Department for responding and quickly determine the cause of the smoke,” said Stephen Pennington, EGRMC CEO.

“Although there was heavy smoke, there was never an actual fire in the hospital. A large belt on one of our commercial sized air handlers malfunctioned. As the belt rubbed against other moving parts it created a good bit of smoke. This smoke was pushed through the vents into the kitchen area.”

There was never an actual fire, nor any fire damage. They are working to get a new belt on the air handler. At this time, the only area effected in the hospital is the kitchen not having AC.

No patients had to be evacuated. No patients or staff were in danger.

DeWayne Grice

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