EGRMC confirmed through Erin Spillman, EGRMC Director of Marketing, that 95% of COVID-19 patients in the hospital today are UNVACCINATED

95% of 39 equates to 37 patients hospitalized with COVID are UNVACCINATED

Only 2 of the patients currently hospitalized with COVID are VACCINATED.


Spillman reported that out of the 39 patients being treated for COVID at EGRMC today, Monday, August 9, 2021, 10 of the patients are sick enough to require a ventilator. 

Due to the surge of patients in the E.D. and limited waiting room seating, EGRMC restricted all visitors to the Emergency Department effective immediately.

Region J, which includes EGRMC in Statesboro, has 361 ED beds in use out of 329 total beds, or 109.73% on Monday. That is 32 more patients than they have actual beds. This means, they have emergent patients in hallways and other areas of the hospital. Region J accounts for 13 hospitals from Savannah to Brunswick. 

Grice Connect Continues to Provides Factual Data

Over the past few weeks, Grice Connect has published several stories on the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine.  

We have compared Georgia and national data that also shows that 97% of all patients nationally are unvaccinated. Georgia statewide numbers are in the same range.

Again this confirms the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines.  Despite the rumors and false information being pushed out over the internet.

In Bulloch County only 27% of our citizens are fully vaccinated.

With hospitals in our region nearing capacity, it is time that everyone gets vaccinated.

The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated

“This remains a pandemic of the unvaccinated, where the vast majority of spread is — in this country is among those who are unvaccinated,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said during a recent briefing. “While vaccinated people can spread the virus if they get a breakthrough infection, the odds of them getting sick in the first place are far lower than those who are unvaccinated.”

Statesboro E.D. Doctor pleads for citizens to get vaccinated

Dr. Ruthie Crider, M.D. a Statesboro Emergency Department physician has been passionate about vaccinations.  She has been leading efforts to encourage vaccines since they became available late last year.  She has become very focused with school returning on getting children vaccinated.

“Millions upon millions of teens ages 12 and over have been safely vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine, including my 12 year old son.  As pediatric cases are rising at dramatic rates in our state, vaccination is proving to be our best protection against this illness,” said Dr. Ruthie Crider, M.D.  “Please join me in the effort in providing a better and healthier future for our children and our community.”

Join Dr. Crider and the entire Grice Connect team in getting vaccinated. Click here to locate a vaccine and do your part in helping our community get back to normal and give EGRMC and their team members much needed relief from COVID-19.

DeWayne Grice

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