East Georgia Regional Medical Center reports seven patients hospitalized from COVID-19, two on a ventilator. In comparison, last week EGRMC had three hospitalized and zero on ventilators.

Since last week, Bulloch County reported 63 new cases of COVID-19.

A relatively high percentage (12.8%) of COVID tests were positive, which indicates that testing in Bulloch County is limited and that most cases may go undetected

On average each Georgian with COVID-19 is infecting 1.41 people, making the state ‘very high risk’ on CovidActNow.

Statewide, CovidActNow changed Georgia’s risk level today to “very high”. Georgia is 4th highest in infection rates among states and 8th from the bottom in vaccination rates.

We are currently experiencing a second pandemic of the unvaccinated.

Everyone 12 years and older is eligible to be vaccinated.

Cumulative Statistics/Past Week:

5283 confirmed cases and 1652 positive antigen/rapid tests to date at DPH site. 

50 Cases per 100k in last 2 weeks (< 100 is goal)

12.8% PCR positive tests.  7-day Avg.  (<5% is goal) 

229 total hospitalizations of Bulloch Citizens

63 confirmed deaths reported to date by DPH (Bulloch County Residents)    

59 probable deaths reported by DPH. (This number represents Bulloch citizens that received a positive Antigen/rapid test for COVID-19, developed COVID-19 symptoms and subsequently died).

122 total deaths of Bulloch citizens.


About This Report:

A special thanks to Dr. Frank Davis, M.D. F.A.C.S, a retired trauma surgeon who lives in Bulloch County. He has worked closely with the Grice Connect team to design the COVID-19 dashboard and provide brief interpretation of the data. You will be seeing and hearing more from Dr. Davis as an important member of the GC team. We will continue to update and adapt the data in this report to make it relevant. We have shifted our emphasis to vaccinations, while continuing to provide daily Coroncavirus impact.

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