6 PM update (07/07/21) : Ted Wynn, with Bulloch County Public Safety and the Emergency Management Agency, updated Bulloch County this evening on Tropical Storm Elsa and the best ways to prepare our community for the fast approaching storm.

TS Elsa/6pm Update: Maximum Sustained Current Winds are 45-50mph.

A couple of changes noted since 2pm update:

  • Most likely time of arrival of TS force winds is between 8-midnight.
  • Some gusts between 40-45mph could arrive earlier.
  • Tornado Warning earlier but no confirmation of any damage
  • Expect rains of 3-4 inches mainly west of I-95 with more in some locations.

Below is the latest Elsa update graphics with expected timing from the NHC.  

Below is wind speed probabilities

Below is the projected rainfall amounts. 

Citizens should:

  1. Tie down or remove loose objects located outside homes and businesses.
  2. Be prepared for widespread power outages.
  3. Prepare a  disaster supplies kit in preps for this storm and the remainder of hurricane season.
  4. Do not dial 911 to report a power outage.
  5. Start or finish your family disaster preparedness plan to prepare you for disaster.
  6. Avoid flooded areas and never drive through standing water over a road.
  7. Protect your pets.

If you follow these and other tips from the CDC you will be more prepared for this storm and the remainder of Hurricane season.