When Glenda Stringer, owner of Stringer Tire Service closed her business at the end of the day on Thursday, June 30, 2021 it was the end of an era for her and her family. Stringer sold the business and real estate at the corner of Zetterower Avenue and Parrish Street to local entrepreneur David Mincey.

Mincey, who recently sold his storage unit business in March, which included 600 storage units, has been looking for other investment opportunities. He had purchased some real estate from Glenda in the past and decided to approach her again about selling.

“The timing just felt right. At 83, I am not sure how much longer I could continue operating the business. It is now just me and Ralph Morgan, who has worked for us now for 36 years. He had a stroke last year and has slowed down a good bit,” said Glenda Stringer. “I sure will miss my customers who after all these years are really more like family than clients.”

Left to Right: David Mincey, Glenda Stringer and Ralph Morgan

Opened in 1974

Stringer Tire Service opened in 1974 in a partnership with her husband at the time, Dan Stringer and the late Edgar Hagan. In 1977, Glenda and Dan purchased Mr. Hagan’s interest in the business. Then in 1988 Glenda Stringer purchased Dan’s share after their divorce.

She has wholly owned and operated the businesses since 1988. In their heyday, they had 13 employees and two service trucks that were on call 24/7. While they sold all types of tires, they had a niche in the farm, commercial and industrial tire business. They were one of the first in the area to go directly to the field or highway and make tire repairs.

Stringer at the helm

Stringers children, Ronnie Stringer and Sheila Hutchens grew up in the business and then their children, Glenda’s grandchildren, Chase, Summer and Ashley also grew up with the family business being a big part of their life.

“One of the best parts of owning a small business was the freedom it afforded me to support my children and grandchildren. There wasn’t many events in their lives that I have not been able to attend. That sure meant a lot to me and hopefully them as well,” said Glenda Stringer.

“This community has allowed me to live a good live, feed my family, raise my kids and be a great grandmother to my grandchildren. I am not sure how I could ever properly thank each and everyone of them for their friendship and loyalty for the past 47 years. It has been a really fun ride but I have no idea what the next chapter will bring.”

When asked what she was going to do next, “Look for a JOB! I can’t sit at home!” Stringer replied.

Building Available for Rent

David Mincey has purchased the business and building speculatively. He is not sure what he will do with it, but he is looking to talk to interested parties. Anyone interested in renting the building as is or with modifications and improvements can reach David Mincey at 912-687-5851.

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