City Councilwoman invites community to put their green thumbs together in community garden

The people of Statesboro are invited to the corner of Bay Street and West Main Street to discuss a new community garden that will be run on teamwork from the community.

“We’ve gone through a lot during this pandemic,” said City Council member Paulette Chavers. “This garden will allow the residents of Statesboro to unite, while creating plan life that will be beneficial for the entire community.”

Tomorrow at 10 a.m. Chavers will explain the purpose and benefits of having a community garden and she’ll take suggestions for crops to grow and names of some community gardeners that will take care of the crops.

The American Community Gardening Association says community gardens can be urban, suburban or rural with flowers, vegetables or community. Community gardens are where the residents of a community are empowered to design, build and maintain spaces in the community.

“If we work together there’s nothing that we can’t accomplish, and this garden just serves as a catlayst for unity, safety, respect for each other, growth and a sense of pride and accomplishment.”

The town hall will meet at the corner of Bay Street and West Main Street across from Wingz University from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m..