Bulloch County Code Enforcement Officer and Portal Police Officer Bobby Ivey saved the life of a local woman, pulling her from a burning car crash.

Tuesday morning June 15, 2021, Bulloch County Commissioners recognized and honored Bobby for his heroic actions which saved the life of the driver of the burning car.

Chairman Roy Thompson and fellow commissioners praised Bobby for his heroic response. In a show of gratitude they asked for the room to stand and honor him.

“You will never meet a more dedicated, compassionate, humble servant than Bobby Ivey. This heroic act is no surprise to me, the commissioners or anyone in the room this morning. He is always looking to help a stranger or a friend,” said Noel Brown, Bulloch County Sheriff.

“In fact, growing up in Portal, Bobby drove me to get my fingerprints so I could attend the police academy and begin a career in law enforcement.”

Here is Bobby recounting the story in the Commissioners meeting:

The Crash

On Thursday, June 10, at 3:20 PM, Bobby Ivey was driving north on Burkhalter road when he encountered a car in the yard of a home that was smoking.

“As I drove past the car, I noticed it was smoking and realized that the driver had apparently just crashed the car. I turned around and called for assistance. As I approached the car, I saw the driver was unresponsive, trapped and the car was on fire,” said Bobby Ivey.

“I called for rescue and began working to get her out but her legs were pinned. I paused and prayed and asked God to help me get this lady out of the car and not let her burn up. Somehow I was able to free her legs and pull her out of the car, just before it became completely engulfed in flames.”

Emergency workers on the scene said that had Bobby not stopped to help, this would be a much different story for the driver.

Taylor Fordham, 27, has been identified as the driver of the white Ford Mustang. She apparently left the roadway and over corrected. Her car traveled up an embankment, hit a large tree, then rotated and became wedged between two trees. It then caught on fire with Fordham in the car.

Bulloch EMS requested Air Evac to transport Fordham to Memorial Medical Center in Savannah. EMS transported her from the scene to the Air Evac base beside the Kiwanis Fairgrounds.

According to family members she remains in serious condition in ICU at MMC in Savannah.

Georgia State Patrol investigated the accident.

Dad thanks Bobby Ivey for Heroic Act

Taylors father, Andy Fordham, sent word through a family member to Grice Connect to thank Ivey for his heroic action in saving his daughter’s life. He went on to say, that he knows his precious baby girl has a fighting chance because of God and Bobby. They also are grateful for the outpouring of prayers, love and support from so many in the community.

Working and covering accidents in a small community is tremendously difficult. Often we know the individuals involved and their family members. This is certainly the case for many of us in this crash.

I have known Taylor’s mom and dad for decades and remember the day she was born, along with the births of her brother and sister.

Through these difficult stories and pictures of the accident we want to share what we saw first hand at this accident scene. It was not only what the heroics of Bobby Ivey meant, but so many talented first responders, paramedics, firefighters and law enforcement officers who frantically worked to save her life. To each of them, we are tremendously grateful.

To the incredible Fordham family, we join the community in sending our love and prayers.

To Bobby Ivey, well done, good and faithful servant! You certainly deserve the Grice Good of the year award for this selfless, heroic act of kindness shown to a stranger in her greatest time of need.

DeWayne Grice

Herschel DeWayne Grice is the founder of Grice Connect an online news and information company in Statesboro, Georgia. DeWayne has been active in the media for over three decades. He brings a unique insight...