Bulloch County Sheriff Deputies apprehended a suspect in a wooded area in Bryan County after a high speed chase and hours long manhunt.

Grice Connect received reports on Wednesday of a heavy police presence, including sightings of the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T.) in this area. This was the reason for that presence.

On Wednesday June 9, 2021 Bulloch County Deputies were dispatched to the Pope Road area, which is in the southeast part of Bulloch County, for a report of a suspicious vehicle.

Sergeant Jody Deal and Corporal Hunter Oglesby made contact with the vehicle and attempted to conduct a traffic stop.

The vehicle fled from the Deputies and attempted to strike other law enforcement officers head on as they responded to assist. After pursuing the vehicle for some time, they lost contact with the vehicle in a wooded area.

The offender was identified as Jamie Ramon Sullivan a 54 year old man with a Guyton, Georgia address. It was determined during the investigation that Sullivan had active warrants for his arrest and was possibly in the area of Pope Road for the purpose of stalking an ex-girlfriend.

Information was also given to the Sheriff’s office that Sullivan had threatened to harm himself and may have being trying to orchestrate “suicide by cop”. In addition, they had received information that Sullivan may have a history of illegal firearms possession.

Sheriff Brown Released Drone Footage to Media

Grice Connect made a request to Bulloch Sheriff Noel Brown to release some of the drone footage from the manhunt so citizens could see how challenging this search was. This also shows how training coupled with technology can create real advantages for agencies in searching for and apprehending suspects. We have included drone four segments of drone footage released by Sheriff Brown.

High Tech Search Located Suspect

After Sullivan had fled the area the Sheriff’s office made contact with G.M. Onstar for help in locating Sullivan. Onstar was willing to provide location information based on the fact Sullivan was determined to be a threat to himself and others.

Bulloch County Sheriff Drone Footage – 1 You can see how dense the wooded area and how the drone located the vehicle.

Sullivan was able to drive his pickup truck into a heavily wooded area of Bryan County. Onstar provided additional assistance by temporarily disabling his vehicle. Bulloch Sheriff’s Office Canines along with the Sheriff’s U.A.V. (Drone) unit responded to assist with the manhunt and in apprehending Sullivan.

The location of his vehicle was confirmed by the drone. The Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T.) staged in the area due to obvious officer safety concerns. S.E.R.T. approached the suspect vehicle and cleared it.

Bulloch Sheriff Drone Footage – 2 Flair technology allows you to see the S.E.R.T. approaching the vehicle. Watch for line of dots at the middle bottom of the screen.
Bulloch Sheriff Drone Footage – 3 – Deputies approaching from the bottom left of the blacked out area.

SULLIVAN was subsequently apprehended by the Canine unit without serious incident, but was determined to be armed with a handgun.

Bulloch Sheriff Drone Footage – 4 Deputies approaching from the top of the screen in the blacked out area.

He will be charged with felony gun possession in Bryan County. He was transported to the Bulloch County Jail to face charges here and may also have charges in Effingham County.

Bulloch Sheriff Noel Brown Commends his Deputies

Sheriff Brown would like to commend all units involved in this apprehension including his Patrol Deputies and all the members of the specialized teams that responded to assist.

He also complimented the work of his communications team during this incident. They coordinated communications between all the various units and law enforcement agencies as well as provided information to Onstar.

Sheriff Brown said it was fortunate this incident ended without serious injuries and was thankful another armed criminal was removed from our community.

As always this operation could not have been accomplished without assistance from other agencies including the Bryan and Effingham Sheriff’s Offices and the Georgia State Patrol along with other members of public safety.

Bulloch Sheriff’s U.A.V. (Drone) Program

Bulloch Count Sheriff Noel Brown recently partnered with Airworx Unmanned Solutions to create an unmanned aircraft unit (U.A.V). This is the unit they used in the manhunt.

Airworx Unmanned Solutions Unmanned Aircraft Systems program, more commonly known as a drone. This program will aid the Sheriff’s Office by combining aerial technology assistance with their traditional boots on the ground work that can be used in multiple capacities. These unmanned aircraft were purchased with a combination of seized drug and SPLOST funds.

Below is a video produced by the Bulloch Sheriff’s department explaining the addition of this unit to their team.

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