Brooklet stops S&S Greenway extension in its tracks

The proposal to extend the S&S Greenway Trail that runs through Statesboro faced resistance from Brooklet citizens sporting pins and signs saying ‘No Bike Trail Here’, pushing the City Council to reject the trail.

The bike trail begins at Gentilly Road, and without the go-ahead from the City of Brooklet, the trail ends at Grimshaw road after new construction is finished. The proposed trail would have put the tail at West Lane Street running beside Brooklet Elementary.

Although the project would have given the City of Brooklet infrastructure in sidewalks or storm drains at no cost to them, the location of the trail just wasn’t ideal, Brooklet Mayor Joe Grooms said.

“I think we take a piece of our infrastructure that at one time could really benefit Brooklet,” said Grooms. “Just, the idea of where it was coming through might have been closed. There’s a lot of options out there now, but we could have maybe found a better way to bring it through.”

The proposed position of the trail would have cut into some residents’ yards giving them something to rally for, but for now, the S&S Greenway Trail ends at the Five Points roundabout in Statesboro.