Site preparation has started for a Chipotle Mexican Grill in Statesboro. The restaurant is being built on Brampton Avenue in the Market District. It will be located beside the Hampton Inn and adjacent to the Walmart Market.

According to Justin Williams, City Planner II for the City of Statesboro there has been a land disturbance permit pulled for the Chipotle while the site plan is being reviewed for final architecture approval.

The city has already approved the site plan, however there have been some requested changes by the Market District. These changes will ensure that the building meets the standards required by the Market District. Horizon Construction out of Alpharetta is the GC for this job.

Construction cannot begin until the site plan has been resubmitted and again approved with the Market District requested changes.

Once this is worked out, construction should begin pretty quickly. Tyler Benson, Analyst, External Communications Chipotle Mexican Grill said they are currently scheduled to open a location in Statesboro at some point in the fall.

Statesboro’s Will be New Chiptolane Concept Restaurant

Benson said the Statesboro location will feature a Chipotlane, the brands digital order drive thru pick up lane. Chipotlanes are digital-only drive-thru lanes currently operating at 20 locations. Customers will place their order on the Chipotle app and then head to the drive through the pick up the order.

Industry Leading Pay and Benefits

On average, each Chipotle restaurant employs 25 individuals and offers leading benefits like access to mental health care for employees and their families, as well as debt-free degrees and more.

Recently Chipotle announced they are increasing restaurant wages resulting in a $15 average hourly wage by the end of June. In addition to best-in-class benefits and a competitive hourly rate, Chipotle’s crew members can advance to a Restaurateur, the highest General Manager position, in as little as three and a half years, with average compensation of $100,000 while leading a multi-million-dollar growing business. 

The wage increases for new and existing hourly and salaried restaurant employees will result in hourly crew member starting wages ranging from $11-$18 per hour.  

Chipotle has also introduced a $200 employee referral bonus for crew members and a $750 referral bonus for Apprentices or General Managers.

Chipotle Mexican Grill announced this week that it has teamed up with ADURO to introduce a new wellness platform called Strive that will cultivate a holistic, proactive, and inclusive approach to improving mental health among its employees.

Employment at Chipotle offers a unique value proposition to job seekers, including benefits like:

More Cash In Your Pocket
Chipotle offers an industry-first CREW BONUS program, which allows its restaurant employees the opportunity to earn an extra month’s worth of pay each year for meeting certain performance criteria.

A Chance to Pursue Your Passion
After only 120 days of employment, Chipotle employees are eligible to pursue debt-free degrees from leading nonprofit, accredited universities in partnership with GUILD EDUCATION. Chipotle currently covers 100% of tuition costs up front for nearly 100 degree options at ten learning providers. Chipotle’s debt-free degree offering is a key component of its Cultivate Education program, which includes an EXISTING TUITION REIMBURSEMENT PROGRAM, allowing eligible employees to be reimbursed for tuition up to $5,250 per year in qualifying programs.

Mental Health Care
Chipotle provides health and financial wellness resources to all employees. All Chipotle associates and their family members have the opportunity to receive personalized assistance from healthcare experts before, during and following medical needs through a partnership with Health Advocate, regardless of whether they are enrolled in the company’s medical plan. MENTAL HEALTH and emotional support are also available to employees and their family members through in-person, phone or virtual visits with a licensed counselor to support personal, professional, mental, financial and/or legal concerns.

Saving for the Future
Chipotle’s 401(k) plan helps employees save money for retirement. The plan includes a company match of 100% on the first 3% of the compensation an employee contributes and 50% on the next 2%. The match is available after one year of service and 1,000 hours worked.

Free Chipotle
All employees have access to quite possibly the greatest job benefit of all-time: free Chipotle!

No job openings have been listed for Statesboro at this time. Check back by clicking here often to see when jobs are announced for Statesboro.

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