The Eta Zeta chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity has raised $116,192 for The Huntsman Cancer Foundation. Sigma Chi, as an international fraternity, has partnered with the Huntsman Cancer Institute to become the “generation to end cancer.” This means that every Sigma Chi chapter raises money for the same foundation.

This has become a healthy competition between all 242 undergraduate chapters. Eta Zeta Sigma Chi, which is the chapter located at Georgia Southern University, was the top fundraising chapter for the 2020-2021 school year. This not only goes for the Sigma Chi fraternity, but for any greek organization. To allow for full clarity, no other greek organization has ever raised that much money for any philanthropy.

Derby Days Winner | Source: Susan Pope

This year the Eta Zeta chapter set the record with this achievement. This is not the first time this Sigma Chi chapter has set records, either. Sigma Chi at Georgia Southern was also the first greek organization to raise $100,000 for a philanthropy a few years ago. In 2019, the Sigma Chi Fraternity pledged 20 million dollars going towards women’s cancer research and treatment.

This money is going directly towards that research and treatment and the Georgia Southern Sigma Chi chapter is eager to see what advancements will be made.

Eta Zeta Chapter of Sigma Chi