Bulloch Solutions officially opens their new 18,000 square feet Technology and Customer Experience Center located at 841 Buckhead Drive on Thursday, May 6. The new Bulloch Solutions is located beside “The Palace” location of El Sombrero and directly across from Auto Shine Car Wash.

The former Bulloch Solutions office on Northside Drive West will now house operations only with the exception of the drive through. For now, Bulloch Solutions will continue operating the drive through at that location, since the new location does not have one. All other customer activities will now take place at the new office on Buckhead.

Public Open House 1 PM to 4 PM

The public is invited for an open house from 1 PM to 4 PM. This is a great opportunity for the public to come tour the new facility. No matter whether or not your a current Bulloch Solutions customer, you really need to stop in and check this masterpiece out. You will get some great bling also during the open house.

Chamber Ribbon Cutting and Business After Hours at 5 PM

At 5 PM the Statesboro-Bulloch Chamber of Commerce will hold an official ribbon cutting for the new Bulloch Solutions office, which also includes the Chamber’s new office suite and Capstone Benefits Consulting.

From 5 PM to 6:30 PM they will host the business community for a Chamber Business After Hours.

There will also be incredible bling for everyone who attends the business after hours.

Focused Being the Best by Doing Business Differently

In December of 2005 Bulloch activated their first fiber to the home customer. Over the next six years they completely rebuilt their plant to become one of the first fiber to the home broadband providers in the country. Best yet, they built their entire plant underground. This provides a much more stable environment that helps make their service more reliable when you need it most.

What seems like now an overnight success story, culminated in almost two decades of being innovators, especially when it came to early adoption of new technology, like fiber to the home. This investment in their plant and their team has really paid great dividends for their clients and the community.

“The risk were huge when we began rebuilding our plant and our company. We knew changes in the demand for broadband was coming and the provider who was positioned to handle this demand would be in a unique position to lead the market,” said John Scott, CEO of Bulloch Solutions. “We understood our success in the future meant we must do things very differently today, if we wanted to continue to be the best at what we do in the future.”

Now Bulloch Solutions commands a greater than 50% market share in broadband, telephone, cable and technology business. Bulloch Solutions is also the only locally owned broadband and telephone provider in the market.

Building Makes a Strong Statement about Bulloch Solutions Mission

When you walk into the new Bulloch Solutions building it is unlike anything you will experience in Statesboro, maybe even the region. You will think you have just entered the lobby of an extraordinarily nice hotel.

The new office is so much more than just and office. It makes a statement about the transformation of a company which has now positioned itself to be a one stop shop for all consumer or businesses technology needs.

You know they are completely focused on the customer experience at every point of the process. You get the feel of hyper innovation when you enter the lobby. You also see technology at work with an entire smart home inside the lobby.

“After Bulloch Solutions acquired Dynamic Solutions and Capstone Technology, we now had transformed into a real solutions company. As a typical broadband or telephone company our commitment ended outside of the home or business. Not any more,” said Scott. “We have a very capable and creative team in place now led by Stuart Gregory, Director of Business Development, to handle any technology challenge. This is transformational”

Not only does Gregory bring a combination of geek and innovation to the team, he has set out to help remake the customer experience. In fact, Gregory designed the entire building to ensure it met thier vision. They enlisted the help of local contractor Zach Hawk of Hawk Construction to bring his vision to life.

Innovative and Supportive Board

A company is only as good as its employees and its leadership. “The Bulloch Solutions team is the real secret to our success,” said Scott. “They make my job easy because of their commitment to customer satisfaction in every department. Great managers like Jeffery Beck and his awesome team of technicians exemplify this commitment 24/7 as do the rest of our team.”

Certainly Bulloch Solution excels in both areas but Scott pointed out that without a progressive and engaged board of directors none of this would have been possible. Scott wanted to recognize and thank his dedicated board of directors for their continued support of the companies vision.

  • Bill Smith, President
  • Chap Cromley, Vice President
  • Dale Smith, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Chuck Lee
  • Lehman Brannen
  • Buddy Anderson
  • Charles Finch
  • Wade McElveen
  • Heather Brannen

Scott and his team along with the Bulloch Solutions Board of Directors encourage the community to come out Thursday and see first hand why Bulloch Solutions is the market leader.

Is Bulloch Solutions Broadband Available at your location?

Bulloch Solutions is not available to the entire community at this time. They are continuing to build out their plant every day. Go to their website at https://bulloch.solutions/ and click on the chat icon at the bottom. An online representative will check your address to see if service is available.

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