Coastal Empire Disaster Recovery Committee (CDREC) is a partner agency to Bulloch VOAD. Bulloch County VOAD is an organization that helps prepare and meet the humanitarian needs of our community for three to five days in the event of a disaster. Bulloch VOAD has no paid employees, assets or even a checking account.

They identify and coordinate resources available to a community through local businesses, churches and nonprofits in a disaster. Bulloch VOAD is also a member of the Georgia VOAD and the National VOAD. This gives them knowledge and access to state and national resources.

Currently Bulloch VOAD does not have a formal long term recovery component. When they experience a need not in their toolbox they reach out to their network of partners. Due to the size of the Little Lotts Creek fire and the number of individuals needing assistance, no Bulloch County agency had the ability to take on this additional need.

For this reason, VOAD reached out to Coastal Empire Disaster Recovery Committee (CEDRC)

CEDRC, a 501c3, is a collaborative effort between faith-based, nonprofit and government agencies which work together to help communities in the Coastal Empire region through long term recovery.

CEDRC, like Bulloch VOAD was established after Hurricane Matthew in 2016. CEDRC brings the recovery expertise, financial accountability and management resources needed to help manage a disaster this large.

The Little Lotts Creek Fire is the only active disaster CEDRC is working at this time. This ensures 100% of all funds contributed to CEDRC will be directed to meet the needs of the victims of the Statesboro fire.

In addition to the intake of contributions, CEDRC will administer all funds, provide financial reports and donor records. This provides an auditable account off all contributions and expenses.

“When you make a request to the community like this, we understand the importance of ensuring all funds are directed as quickly, efficiently and appropriately to the the victims with the greatest needs,” said DeWayne Grice, Chair, Bulloch VOAD. “This partnership with CEDRC allows that to happen in a way that protects the integrity of Bulloch VOAD and the donors.”

DeWayne Grice

Herschel DeWayne Grice is the founder of Grice Connect an online news and information company in Statesboro, Georgia. DeWayne has been active in the media for over three decades. He brings a unique insight...