Congratulations to Jenny Maddi, Risk Manager, for being named EGRMC’s Employee of the Month!

Jenny began her career at East Georgia Regional Medical Center (EGRMC) in May 2014.

Here is an excerpt taken from her nomination: 

“Jenny is diligent about patient and employee safety and education. She cares about doing the right thing, all the time. Jenny is very focused and knowledgeable about Community Cares, risk management, policies, and laws. Her confident leadership is inspiring and her ‘get it done’ attitude I admire. I feel very fortunate to be on her team!” 

I think we all can agree that those words are very true when describing Jenny’s demeanor. We congratulate her on the honor of being named Employee of the Month. Jenny takes her job very seriously, is a strong patient advocate, and has the skill set and personality that sets her apart as a trusted and accomplished Risk Manager. Well deserved honor!