Nationally recognized serial entrepreneur & Statesboro native Tere Tatiana returns to the Boro to advise others about the business opportunities in the profitable trucking industry. On Saturday, February 27th, Tatiana and her company, Labeled Blu Transportation, are hosting Let’s Talk Trucking, an event geared toward informing individuals about the possibilities for success in the lucrative trucking marketplace.

Tatiana is making an impact as a successful female leader in the male dominated industry. With this success, she wants to bring her knowledge and ability for achievement to others, especially those in her hometown. Statesboro is important to Tatiana not only because it is the town that raised her, but because it sits in a geographical hotspot for the transportation industry due to its proximity to popular interstate routes.

Tatiana’s goal for this event is to get more individuals interested in the industry as the pandemic has caused shortages in different aspects of the business. However, even before the outbreak of COVID, the trucking industry was an essential part of how we moved goods around the country; Tatiana wants to remind people they can still build a 6 figure business in the industry regardless of the pandemic. She also aims to prepare the attendees to gain the confidence they need in being able to make important decisions regarding their future in the transportation business.

Let’s Talk Trucking is all inclusive networking event with multiple speakers, including Statesboro Mayor Jonathan McCollar, to inform guests about a range of significant factors & strategies in trucking. Topics will include business structure, safety & the scalability of your own trucking business. The seminar will be this Saturday, February 27th from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. The event will be held at 455 Commerce Drive, Statesboro, GA 30461. CLICK HERE to register for Let’s Talk Trucking.