Congratulations to Gracie Williams, Nursing Assistant in the Women’s Pavilion, for being named EGRMC‘s Employee of the Month! Gracie began her career at Bulloch Memorial Hospital on July 1, 1974, over 46 years ago.  

“Gracie is recognized on a daily basis for caring so much for her patients,” said Kim Bazemore, RN, Clinical Director of Nursery and Postpartum in the Women’s Pavilion at EGRMC. “Our new moms love that she comes in and encourages them to get up, take a shower, and get their bodies moving, meanwhile she is taking the time to put fresh linens on their beds. She is a wonderful motivator for our patients and is so compassionate and encouraging with new moms and in caring for their newborns. Gracie provides tremendous support to our Women’s Pavilion team, and has the most nurturing soul. She makes her patients feel like family, and they continuously compliment her caring disposition all the time.”

We congratulate Gracie on being named Employee of the Month. We honor her for not only the compassionate care that she provides, but also for the over 46 years of dedication to the hospital. We can only imagine how many moms she has cared for in 46 years, and know that she leaves a lasting impression in their minds forever. Thank you, Gracie, for all that you do for the hospital, your coworkers, and for your patients at East Georgia Regional Medical Center.