Vanissa Campbell, RN, Employee Health Nurse, was named Employee of the Month on Thursday, Nov 5th, at EGRMC. Vanissa has been employed at East Georgia Regional Medical Center since 2010.

Here is an excerpt from her nomination:

“Vanissa Campbell has come into Employee Health and done a tremendous job with the quality of care she provides our staff here at EGRMC. She has a calm and helpful demeanor that puts our staff at ease, making them feel heard and appreciated. Vanissa is one of the first people that new employees interact with, and we have had multiple new employees comment on how friendly and welcoming she is when spending time with her. She has transformed Employee Health, and has even sought out educational opportunities to keep herself up-to-date and prepared to best serve our staff. As COVID-19 has made its way through our community and our hospital, Vanissa continues to make regular contact with any employee who has been ill, helping with whatever resources needed. She has even offered to make sure an employee had groceries, meds, or anything they needed, so that they didn’t have to leave their home sick. Vanissa rounds on staff, helps to make sure our team members stay protected with appropriate PPE, and so much more.”

Congratulations to Vanissa on being named Employee of the Month. Vanissa goes above and beyond the call of duty, and takes her job very seriously here at EGRMC. Thank you, Vanissa, for all that you do for our hospital and for our work family every single day!