In what was a horrifying few minutes on Friday night, November 20 around 6:30 pm, Statesboro business owner Vern Howard was robbed at gunpoint. Howard is the director of the Damascus Rehabilitation Center for Men which is a long term recovery program for troubled men.

Watch the full video interview with Howard at the location of the robbery:

Howard was conducting a meeting with 38 men at The Warehouse, an alcohol anonymous facility on Cherry street in downtown Statesboro.

He had collected the money from the men that covers their weekly expenses, including food and housing. Howard walked out to his car and was approached by a black male with a stocking cap and a gun and was robbed at gunpoint.

According to Howard, the robber was dressed in dark clothing and was hiding behind Howards car. As Howard opened his car door the robber approached him from behind and placed a gun at Howards head. He then reached into the car to get the money, when Howard penned the robber with the car door and screamed for help.

The men inside the building could not hear Howard calling for help. The robber overpowered Howard and fled the scene to a waiting car where he got into the passenger seat and the car sped off.

The car was a 2016 or 2018 black Chevrolet Malibu sedan with chrome around the windows, under the door and on the rear bumper. License plate may have started with an A.

The Warehouse is located at the corner of Willie McTell Trail and Cherry Street which is one block from City Hall.

Community Help Appreciated but not Necessary

Since the robber stole the men’s money, we asked Howard if the community could help.

“We are a nonprofit organization. I call our men the dirty dozen. We work through our problems. I appreciate that offer, but I prefer these men learn a lesson from this. Not to take a hand out from others”, said Howard. “We will survive. This did not break the bank. These men need to learn something from this. I pray for him(the robber). This is obviously someone not having a good life.”

Contact Statesboro Police Department with information

Anyone with information on the robbery can contact Detective Tanner with the Statesboro Police Department at 912-764-9911 or email

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