Halloween isn’t the scariest thing on the block this year! Don’t let COVID-19 spook you!

There are lots of safe ways to celebrate Halloween 2020. Here are just a few suggestions from the experts with Squash the Spread- Bulloch County.

  1. Trick or Treat drive-thrus will be hosted by the following on Halloween day: Bulloch County Sheriff’s department at the Kiwanis Ogeechee fairgrounds, the YMCA, the Bulloch County/Statesboro Recreation Department, and the Statesboro Regional Library. Sorry, witches! Park the broom and catch a ride in the car!
  2. Let’s go for a ghost hunt! The trend for this Halloween season is a ghost hunt. Just like the teddy bear hunt from the summer, you can put ghosts in your windows and then young people can safely walk around the neighborhood and look for ghosts.
  3. Boo-tiful decorated houses! How about decorating your house for Halloween? A lot of people have already started decorating the outside of their homes for Halloween! It’s a fun and safe way to get in the Halloween spirit.

Halloween costumes can have a mask tied in, which covers your mouth and nose and prevents the spread of COVID-19 germs. Even a princess can wear a mask with a beautiful smile drawn on – another fun, safe activity for Halloween! Holster that hand sanitizer to keep it handy, cowboy! Take hand sanitizer along and sanitize your hands while out in public. And of course, social distance as much as possible. The “Ask Squashy” column gives great advice about dealing with  COVID-19 safely.

Ted Wynn from Bulloch County EMA and Sheriff Noel Brown have Halloween recommendations in a video that’s available here. They would like everyone to be home by dark. “While it is disappointing that traditional trick or treating is considered a high risk activity, we are delighted to see our community organizations step up to ensure our residents still have a fun and safe Halloween,” says Michele Martin, Founder of the Squash the Spread Bulloch initiative. There are a lot of resources available at https://www.squashthespread.com/ to learn more about COVID-19 safety to keep our community safe.