Georgia Southern football practices have been temporarily suspended due to a small number of players testing positive for COVID-19 according to a Georgia Southern spokesperson.

In a statement released by the Georgia Southern Athletics Department they announced that they have temporarily suspended football practice after a small number of players tested positive for the COVID-19 virus this week.

“All proper procedures and protocols are being followed, including the quarantining of close contacts. The team underwent its weekly COVID-19 testing on Wednesday and a re-evaluation of practice will be made when the results return on Friday. We look forward to a resumption of football activities in the near future as we continue to prepare for our September 12 opener”.

The Blue Room, a popular college bar announced they are closing temporarily, due to concerns about COVID-19 spiking.

Grice Connect has been contacted by parents and students looking for additional resources to get COVID-19 test, due to local providers being booked up for testing this week and into next week.