Savannah SCORE understands Not-For-Profit organizations (NFPs) provide a wide variety of essential services to the community. Unfortunately, these organizations have been especially hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis. Operating expenses remain, but revenues have been reduced or cancelled.

To help address this serious problem, Savannah SCORE’s team of Not-for-Profit Mentoring Experts are presenting a free, five-part “Lunch and Learn” online workshop series. Designed specifically for the leaders of in-business NFPs, these workshops present strategies and best practices to help NFPs through these challenging times.

Thom Greenlaw, Savannah SCORE Certified Mentor and NFP Practice Leader, explained “Our NFP mentoring team decided early on that Savannah’s NFPs needed help managing their operations during and after the COVID-19 crisis. NFP leaders needed guidance on fundraising; closing and reopening; working with staff, clients, and members; and other key topics. Our workshop series addresses all these issues.”

According to webinar attendees, the sessions have been extremely helpful. Tyler D’Alto, CFO of iVolunteer International, said, ” I appreciated talking about the 7 touches before doing a (fundraising) ask. Also, having the attendees voice some of their struggles and what they are doing made the presentation feel very personalized.”

According to Michael Siegel, Savannah SCORE Chapter Chair, “No other organization in the area provides the expert mentoring and educational services to NFPs that are offered by Savannah SCORE, all of which are totally free of charge.”

The two remaining online workshops are:

Strategies for Re-Engaging Your Members” – Noon, Friday, July 24

                  To register click on Strategies for Re-Engaging Your Members

“New Tools for Getting Out Your Message/Best Uses of Social Media” – Noon, Friday, August 7

To register, click on New Tools For Getting Out Your Message – Best Uses of Social Media

Information about SCORE webinars are also available at

All webinars are presented via Zoom from Noon to 1:00 PM and are made possible by the generous support of the Wells Fargo Community Grant Program.