Bulloch County Schools have a total current student base enrollment of 10,339.  Of those students, they have a response for instruction model choice for 9,454 of the students, which is a 91.44 percent response rate. 

Bulloch County Schools are now tasked with making contact with the families of the remaining 885 students to collect their response by phone, mail, or home visit.

Currently, 53.62 percent will return face-to-face and 46.38 percent virtual.

Below is the current response rate and instructional model choice breakdown as of 8:51 a.m., Wednesday, July 29, for Bulloch Schools return to school. 

If you have not made a choice for your children please make it now at at www.bullochschools.org/returntoschool.

If you are not planning on your child, returning to Bulloch Schools you must withdraw them from the system at the link above.

 1. Face-to-Face Traditional Student2. Virtual Program StudentTotal #
Brooklet Elementary School48670.64%20229.36%688
Julia P. Bryant Elementary School28050.82%27149.18%551
Langston Chapel Elementary School22442.83%29957.17%523
Langston Chapel Middle School27438.76%43361.24%707
Mattie Lively Elementary School22145.29%26754.71%488
Mill Creek Elementary School23049.15%23850.85%468
Nevils Elementary School28268.12%13231.88%414
Portal Elementary School19964.82%10835.18%307
Portal Middle & High School26665.52%14034.48%406
Sallie Zetterower Elementary School25442.76%34057.24%594
Southeast Bulloch High School68062.90%40137.10%1081
Southeast Bulloch Middle School50263.38%29036.62%792
Statesboro High School67543.77%86756.23%1542
Stilson Elementary School23165.07%12434.93%355
William James Middle School26549.26%27350.74%538
Grand Total506953.62%438546.38%9454

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