Bulloch County Schools have set the decision date for Friday, July 24th to decide whether children will return to in-person classes or select the Virtual Learning school option.  Because of this many parents have been scrambling to make their decision.  Many feel uncomfortable, due to the surge in COVID-19 cases, sending their children back to in-person school.  However, due to work commitments, virtual school is a difficult option.  The Averitt Center for the Arts, understanding this dilemma, surveyed their membership and received an overwhelmingly positive response for them to help facilitate a third option.

Averitt Online Academy

The Averitt Online Academy will be housed inside the Averitt Center for the Arts facilities.  Parents will choose the Virtual Learning option from Bulloch County Schools.  Students will then bring their virtual learning equipment and “attend” classes at the Averitt Center with staff supervision.

Academic goals will be set by parents as the students follow the Virtual Learning curriculum.  The Averitt staff will be available to answer questions and encourage students to meet their goals.  Students will have the opportunity to take breaks to participate in art activities throughout the school day.  Classes will be 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM for ages five and up.  They will follow the Bulloch County School’s newest calendar which is August 17 – May 26.

High COVID-19 Safety Protocols Implemented

The Averitt will provide an education opportunity in the safest environment they can possibly provide.  They will require temperature checks, completion of a health questionnaire and  sanitizing of their hands daily upon arrival.  In addition, masks and social distancing will be required all school day in a classroom with no more than a 1 to 15 student ratio.

Weekly Tuition Cost and Pre-Register Information

  • Weekly Tuition First Child: $150 ($125 Averitt members) plus a $7 supply fee
  • Weekly Tuition Second Child: $100 ($75 Averitt members) plus a $7 supply fee
  • Daily or drop-in rates if space is available: $35 per day plus a $2 supply fee
  • Parents may sign up to volunteer to help reduce tuition prices
  • Pre-enroll fee is $10. They encourage you to pre-enroll now as space is limited

For more information contact Tony Phillips at the Averitt Center for the Arts at 912-212-2787.

You can pre-enroll by filling out the form below and returning to Tony at tphillips@averittcenterforthearts.org or faxing it to him at 912-212-2789.

Averitt Online Academy

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