Pat Jones, Bulloch County Election Supervisor is asking for patience on Election Day tomorrow, June 9th, as they are faced with unprecedented challenges.  This election is presenting many challenges statewide.  Many of the experienced poll workers are in the high-risk category for COVID-19 and are still under a stay-at-home order.  This has caused poll worker staffing issues statewide and also in Bulloch County.  To help, Bulloch County Employees have been trained as poll workers and will be assisting at the polls where needed.  Even with their help, Bulloch County will still be short-staffed at polling places around the county.  In addition, this is also the first election with new voting equipment that they have all had to learn how to operate and manage.

They have to comply with COVID-19 protocols, which will allow fewer voters in the building at one time.  They are also encouraging all voters to wear masks and to be conscious of social distancing.  To meet  protocols, Jones has temporarily moved three precincts to give them larger spaces to accommodate voters while complying with COVID-19 rules.

The three precincts that have moved are:

Has been temporary relocated across the street to the
Gym @ Nevils Elementary School
8438 Nevils Groveland Road, Nevils, GA 31321

Has been temporary relocated to the
Register Baptist Church Family Center
10 Church Street, Register, GA 30452

Has been temporary relocated to the
Aaron Worship Center Social Hall
351 North Grady Street, Portal, GA 30450

These precinct moves are TEMPORARY for the June 9th General Primary – Nonpartisan – Presidential Preference Primary.

Absentee Ballot Numbers High

A record 8180 Bulloch County voters have voted already in the election.  A majority of them voted by mail in ballots.  That accounts for 18% of Bulloch County Voters total, which compares to 2016 where 32% voted in the primary election.  Bulloch County had 11,388 voters request ballots to vote.  There are still 4,000 ballots that have not been returned.  To check your ballot status go to and log in.  The log in is easy and you do not need a password.  When you log in on the left bottom of the screen you will see a link that reads Absentee Ballot Status.  It will show the status of your ballot there.  If your ballot is not showing as having been received, please call the Bulloch County Board of Elections at  912-764-6502.

You can also view your ballot so you can review your choices before heading out to the poles at the MVP website.

If you have not returned your ballot, it must be received by 7 PM on June 9th.  You can hand deliver it to your polling place.  If you have changed your mind and want to vote in person, please bring the ballot with you so they can cancel that ballot out.  Bringing the ballot with you will speed the process up tremendously.

Election Results May be Slower Than Normal

Jones is also asking for patience with the vote counting and reporting on election night.  This is the first time they have processed an election with the new machines.  Due to this, they are unsure how much time it will take to count and verify the results before totals are released.

Grice Connect will be at the Board of Elections bringing you election results as quickly as we receive them on our website and on our social media platforms including Facebook.

ID is required when voting……
– Valid identification card “picture” issued by a branch, department, agency or entity of the State of Georgia, another state; or
– Valid United States passport; or – Valid employee identification card containing a photograph of and issued by any branch, department, agency or entity of the United States government, this state, or any county, municipality board, authority, or
– Other entity of this state; or valid US military identification card with photograph; or
– Valid tribal identification card with photograph

Bulloch County Voting Stats

Bulloch County has 79,608 residents, making it the #32 county out of 159.

At least 45,322 residents are registered to vote.

Bulloch County Absentee Ballot Request as of Monday 6/8/20

11,388 people have applied to vote in the 2020 primary.
3,844 (33.8%) people have applied for Democratic ballots in the 2020 primary.
7,239 (63.6%) people have applied for Republican ballots in the 2020 primary.
305 (2.7%) people have applied for Non-Partisan ballots in the 2020 primary.

Bulloch County Absentee Ballots Returned as of Monday 6/8/20

8,180 people have voted in the 2020 primary.
2,710 (33.1%) people have voted with Democratic ballots in the 2020 primary.
5,330 (65.2%) people have voted with Republican ballots in the 2020 primary.
140 (1.7%) people have voted with Non-Partisan ballots in the 2020 primary.

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