Congratulations to Jennifer Thompson, LPN in PCU/Step Down Unit, for being awarded East Georgia Regional Medical Center’s Employee of the Month of April 2020! Jennifer has been employed at EGRMC since 2016.

“Jennifer always has a positive attitude and exceeds her patients’ expectations,” stated Diana Ray, Clinical Director of ICU and PCU at East Georgia Regional Medical Center. “Her name comes up at least three times a week on discharge calls that I make with patients that she has provided care. They compliment her attentiveness and compassionate care. She puts her patient first always and treats her patients as her priority. She advocates passionately for her patients and does not give up until they receive appropriate care. Jennifer is committed to communication and responsiveness. She is a leader in her department for promoting hourly rounding and ensuring that it is done. She will even round on patients that are not assigned to her, in order to ensure all patients are seen hourly. Physicians have complimented her excellent assessment skills and her ability to ‘sniff’ out an issue before becoming a bigger problem for the patient.”

“Jennifer takes pride in her appearance and the appearance of this hospital. She takes pride in the cleanliness of the facility and is not afraid to get her hands dirty and clean when needed. Her commitment to her co-workers is probably her biggest strength, however. Her team is the most important thing to her, and she values each staff member for what they can bring to the team. She often comes in to work extra, because she never wants her team to struggle by being short-handed. She offers help throughout her shift, not only to her home unit of PCU, but also to ICU when she can. She serves on our unit-based shared governance committee, and is committed to improving processes for our department. Jennifer has a keen sense of safety awareness. She reports issues frequently and serves as a Safety Coach. Lastly, Jennifer has an amazing sense of ownership. EGRMC and the Statesboro community is her home. She values her place of employment and strives every day to make it a great place for her patients to receive care and for her peers to work.”

This honor for Jennifer is well-deserved, and we commend Jennifer for her compassionate care, commitment to excellence, and dedication to our hospital and to her colleagues.

Due to COVID-19 we are behind on reporting Employees of the Month.  The May Employee of the Month will be Featured on Wednesday, June 10th.

DeWayne Grice

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