Bulloch County Election Superintendent, Pat Jones released a short statement to the media this afternoon that confirmed there were not enough provisional ballots to change the outcome of the Bulloch BOE District 1 election.  Glenn Womack will serve as the BOE District 1 representative.  Jones stated that she had not completed the count of all Provisional ballots.  However, she has verified that even without the full count there is simply not enough provisional ballots to change the outcome.

Jones did not provide any numbers or details but said she will release them next week.  She has ten days to certify the election results with the Secretary of State’s office, which is next Friday, June 19th.

The initial vote count in the early morning hours of June 10th Glenn Womack had a 16 vote over Ryan Brannen.  Womack’s lead tightened to 11 votes during the day, as they counted rejected absentee ballots.

Then in a late afternoon email on June 10th, Jones notified the media and the candidates there were roughly 100 to 125 provisional ballots that could change the outcome of the District 1 race.

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Without knowing exact numbers, it is possible for the final numbers to change again, but not enough to prevent Womack’s win.

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