Bulloch County Republican Primary Election Results

8:59 PM June 10th UPDATE – One of the candidates from District 1 Board of Education race just sent me an email statement sent out at 5:24 pm apparently to the candidates.  Grice Connect did not receive this statement from Jones.  We are not sure who the recipients were for this email.  In this email she is clarifying that the additional ballots in question are provisional ballots.  It will take time to process the provisional ballots.  To learn more about provisional ballots click here. 

From: Pat Lanier Jones
Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2020 5:24:29 PM
Subject: Unofficial Results

Good Afternoon

Please find attached a copy of the unofficial results for Tuesday’s Election.    We have roughly 100 – 125 provisional ballots (guessing, since we are still going through the paperwork) that could change some race results.

  • The Board of Education District 1 is 11 votes difference and with the Provisional’s it could make a difference.
  • There will be a run off in the Board of Education District 7 race between Lisa DeLoach and Heather Mims
  • There will be a run off in the Solicitor General’s race between Catherine Findley and Mark Lanier
  • There will be a run off in the Rep State Senate and the Special Election race between Scott Bohlke and Billy Hickman
  • There may be a run off in the Dem US Senate Seat

On the Provisionals, I can not tell you how many are BOE District 1 – we are working on them!

Patricia Lanier Jones

Bulloch County Election Supervisor

113 North Main Street, Ste 201

Statesboro, GA  30458

5:30 PM June 10th UPDATE – Early this morning when we left were were told there were a between 100 and 125 absentee ballots that had been rejected by the reader.  Each of these ballots had to be reviewed by hand to determine the issues.  It could be a partially filled in circle or maybe they filled in two circles in one race attempting to vote for two different people.  Once these were reviewed and corrected where possible they would be then counted.  As of 5:30 PM today there were 105 more ballots counted and added to the totals.  All totals have changed today.  Even with these additions no outcomes were changed.  However, the Board of Education District 1 election between Glenn Womack and Ryan Brannen saw Womack’s lead shrink from 16 to 11.  We have reached out to Pat Jones, Bulloch County Election Supervisor to see if all votes are now counted.  Will update when we get a response.

2:30 AM FINAL RESULTS will be posted soon

2:10 AM UPDATE – They have completed the review of the absentee ballots and have now resumed the counting process.  We hope to have final numbers in the next 30 minutes.

1:47 AM UPDATE– Two of the volunteers quit in the middle of this process.  This will delay it even more.  No clue when we will get results.  We will continue to monitor the situation and update as soon as we know more.

12:47 AM UPDATE – Bulloch Election officials said there are 140 absentee ballots out of over 7,000 that have issues that caused an error when counting.  They are required to go over each ballot by hand to determine intention of voter.  It is a tedious process.  They have 40 more to go.  We are still hoping to have totals by 1:30 AM.  There are still enough votes out to potentially effect the county wide elections.  Fair, Brooklet, Sinkhole and Absentee/Early Votes are still out.  Please keep checking throughout the evening for updated results.


Precincts Reporting
Chris Akins2,973
Curt Deal (I)5,158 WINNER


Precincts Reporting
Noel Brown (I)8,129  WINNER
Keith Howard1,472
Winner will face Rey Rodriquez in November

Tax Commissioner

Precincts Reporting
Leslie Deal Akins7,018 WINNER
Jeanie Rushing Gay2,302


Precincts Reporting
Ben Edwards2,432
Catherine Sumner Findley3,709  RUNOFF
Mark A. Lanier2,886 RUNOFF

Bulloch County Democratic Primary Election Results


Precincts Reporting
Jonathan Paine2,796 WINNER
Michele Fiorelli Rupar1,543
Winner will face Jake Futch (I) in November

Bulloch County Non-Partisan Election Results

Board of Education, District 1

Precincts Reporting
R. Ryan Brannen1,308
Glenn Womack1,319 WINNER

Board of Education, District 3

Precincts Reporting
Patrice Ellison356
Stuart H. Tedders (I)447 WINNER

Board of Education, District 7

Precincts Reporting
Lisa Deloach607 RUNOFF
Joe Glisson565
Heather Mims (I)738 RUNOFF

Board of Education, District 8

Precincts Reporting
Maurice Hill981 WINNER
Keisha Howard324

State House, Senate and Congressional Election Results

State Senate, District 4 – Special Election

Reporting District Wide
Scott Bohlke11,322 RUNOFF
Billy Hickman11,792 RUNOFF
Kathy Palmer  5,480
Stephen Jared Sammons  5,791
Neil Singleton  1,025

State Senate, District 4 – Election

Reporting District Wide
Scott Bohlke  9,551 RUNOFF
Billy Hickman10,982 RUNOFF
Kathy Palmer  4,159
Neil Singleton    788

United States Representative, District 12

84% Precincts Reporting District Wide
Elizabeth “Liz” Johnson44,669  WINNER 
Dan Steiner  8,792
Winner will face Rick W. Allen (I) in November

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