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Last week, Governor Kemp’s office released a list of long term care facilities who were reporting positive COVID-19.  That list was developed through the Georgia Department of Public Health and it included Heritage Inn Health And Rehabilitation in Statesboro on the list as having one positive case.  We reached out to them and never received a response.  Since that report, subsequent reports have removed them from the list indicating they no longer have or may never have had a positive case.

Since that initial report, the Georgia National Guard has partnered with the Department of Community Health to manage the report, monitoring and cleaning long term care facilities in Georgia.  The April 20th report has continued to removed Heritage Inn as showing a positive case.  Westwood Healthcare and Rehabilitation has been added to the report, with one staff member reporting positive.

National Guard Cleaning Continues

According to Bulloch County Public Safety Director, Ted Wynn, multiple locals have reached out to the Guard for inspection and cleaning of their facilities as a precaution.  Wynn stressed that just because the guard is performing a cleaning service, that has no correlation with a positive case.  This for many is a proactive step to insure their facilities and training are meeting the highest standards in COVID-19 prevention.  Wynn encourages all local long term care facilities to take advantage of the free service from the Georgia National Guard.

If you own or operate a facility in Statesboro and want to learn more you can contact Ted Wynn at tedwynn@bullochema.com

To review the full April 20th Long Term Care COVID-19 facility report click here.

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