death in Bulloch
Bulloch County Public Safety Director Ted Wynn confirmed our first COVID-19 death in Bulloch County.  Wynn’s statement came from data received by the DPH website which indicated it was a 65 year old male.  No other details were provided.
Local leaders feel social distancing is working and shelter in place must continue at every level to reverse the upward trend in confirmed cases and deaths.   In light of this death and continued upward trend of local cases of COVID-19, churches and all gatherings are encouraged to meet online and NOT to meet in person for Easter Sunday.
Bulloch County has 16 confirmed cases, but the medical community is warning that testing is still very limited and that they feel this number grossly under reports the number of actual cases in Bulloch County.  As of noon today, Georgia is reporting only testing 51,715 citizens out of a statewide population of nearly 11,000,000 which is .004 percent.  DPH does not release a by county total of testing.
We have no way of knowing how many people have been tested in Bulloch County.  If you assume this testing percentage is balanced in every county, that would mean less than 300 citizens of Bulloch County have been tested out of a population of 75,000,  Which we think is a generous number of testing.
Statewide there are 12,159 confirmed COVID-19 cases, of which 2,479 (20.39%) are hospitalized and 428 (3.52%) have died.
EGRMC has seven COVID-19 positive cases of which Bulloch County EMS transported five.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) remains in short supply in the state operations center and local emergency workers hope to receive more PPE’s next week.
If you feel you have symptoms of COVID-19 please take the online screening provided by Apple and Emory at

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