Bulloch County VOAD

Bulloch VOAD has been activated along with Public Safety Agencies to assist with the COVID-19.  Bulloch VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) is a non profit agency which is established to assist with the humanitarian side of disasters.  They are most known for their work with Hurricanes.  Most recently, the Statesboro Bahamas Relief Fund which assisted 29 students living in Statesboro who were effected by Hurricane Dorian.

VOAD partners include non-profit, civic, religious and some for profit organizations who commit their resources to our community in a time of great need.  Any organization is eligible for membership.  By becoming a member does not necessarily commit your organization in a specific way automatically.

By joining the effort, you will be placed on an email distribution list and as needs arise, if your organization has resources to meet the specific need you can respond at that time.  Click here to send an email to DeWayne Grice to learn more about Bulloch VOAD participation.

COVID-19 High Risk and Volunteer Directory

As the community prepares for the COVID-19 Virus we understand there will be unique needs for members of  our community.  One of the areas we are most concerned with is developing a database of high risk individuals and senior adults who may not have local family or a network of friends in the community that can stay in contact with them.  With the form below, you can register these individuals and we will match them with a volunteer who will talk to them daily by phone to make sure their needs are being met.  If a need arises the volunteer will communicate that need back to Bulloch VOAD.

Also, many of our partner agencies are gearing up to help.  They could use volunteers also to help from bagging food to preparing meals and supplies for distribution.  There will be more specific needs as this situation progresses.

For this to work, we also need volunteers in the community who are willing to help in a variety of ways.  We will comply to all CDC guidelines and will not put any volunteers or individuals we are assisting at risk.

Please share this information via social media, email etc. to your family, friends and co-workers.

Thanks to VOAD partner agencies Taylor Hartman with the Statesboro Ministerial Association and Jonathon Smith with the Wesley Foundation for helping put this together.

If you would like to volunteer or register for wellness contact please use this form to do that:

Copy the link below if you would like to insert the form and send out via email or other social media


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