Bulloch County

Bulloch County Manager, Tom Couch, released a statement today explaining the counties’ decision to set aside $100,000 to be available for immediate emergency purchase needs to help mitigate COVID-19.

Statement from Bulloch County Manager Tom Couch

“I have consulted with Roy Thompson, Chairman of the Bulloch County Board of Commissioners, and Ted Wynn, Bulloch County Public Safety and Emergency Management Director.  I will invoke my vested authority as Chief Budget Officer, and within the county procurement policies to initially set-aside $100,000.00 for the Bulloch County Health Department for emergency purchases necessary for COVID-19 mitigation.  These funds will become available strictly for emergency purchases needed for public health purposes.  This action waives bidding requirements for the purchase of essential goods or services whenever a threat to the safety, health, or welfare of the citizens of the County exists, and whenever such requirements would cause undue delay in the delivery of essential services under such conditions.  Though the local threat is low, it is a precautionary step. Going forward, I will ask the Board of Commissioners for additional increments if it should become necessary.

The purpose of this action is to provide immediate resources such as supplies or services until such time that state and federal resources begin to flow.  Although emergency declarations and funding have become available at the state and national level, Bulloch County wants to make sure that we have provided some immediate buying power until such funds become available locally.  This assures quicker access to alternative supply chains or vendors.

I have recommended that we will rely on the Bulloch County Health Department to determine where these local funds should be applied, if needed.  Chairman Thompson, Mr. Wynn, and I will collectively authorize any expenditures, and work with our Finance and Health Departments to ensure transparency and accountability in getting any necessary local resources.

Again, though our community remains at low risk, I believe that this measure will provide a means of rapid response in case such any localized events occur”.

Tom Couch, Bulloch County Manager

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