Bulloch Positive

Ted Wynn, Bulloch County Public Safety Director released a statement this morning confirming that a Bulloch County Resident has tested positive for COVID-19.

“At 7:47 pm last evening, the Bulloch County Emergency Management Agency received word from the Georgia Department of Public Health that a Bulloch County resident had tested positive for the Covid-19/Coronavirus.   The person was diagnosed Friday 3/27 in the afternoon.  The Georgia DPH has launched an investigation into the details, so it is unlikely that this will be reflected on the map at dph.georgia.gov until Monday”.

 Wynn continued, “This notice received from DPH should not be a surprise as we all knew it was here, it has just been confirmed.  This is a good time to review CDC guidelines on how you can protect yourself, your family, and your business.  NO NEED TO PANIC.  Supplies are getting through, so don’t rush out and stock up on supplies you probably already have.  Click on the link below and brush up on protecting you and those around you.  As Dr. Kathleen Toomey, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Health has stated in the AJC, “This is a short period of inconvenience and worry, but if we invest in this collectively as a community, we can help stop this virus.”

For weeks medical professionals and local leaders have been confident the COVID-19 virus was here from the many reports of people with symptoms but not meeting testing critera to be tested.  Then we began hearing about frustrations in the time it took to get test results back and often those results were inconclusive.

The best place locally to go for resources and tools to determine if you have COVID-19 is www.bullochcountyvoad.org   Keep in mind that even if you do test positive for COVID-19, unless you are critically ill you will be sent home to recover.  DPH and CDC guidelines call for you to contact your provider by phone first, if you think you have COVID-19

DeWayne Grice

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