Statesboro High School


At approximately 1:40 p.m., law enforcement removed Statesboro High from full lock-down to soft lock-down.

The safety search with canine units did not reveal any potential threats, but did result in one student being detained for a drug-related offense. School administrators and law enforcement will continue to monitor school operations throughout the day.  Students are safe.

We appreciate the cooperation of parents and students and continue to ask for your support in the following ways during any safety situations:

  • immediately report any suspicious or criminal behavior to law enforcement and do not share it on social media
  • keep lines of communication open by staying off cellular phones
  • parents are encouraged to remain away from school areas during soft and hard lock-downs.

Statesboro High School will observe a normal release and after-school schedule today.

Update: 12:46 PM.  Statesboro Police Department continues a heavy police presence at SHS.  They have temporarily places SHS on a FULL LOCKDOWN.  This safety measure allows a complete sweep of the building with canine unites.

During this time, all movement in and out of the building will be restricted.  NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO LEAVE OR COME INTO THE BUILDING.

Please remain out of the area until law enforcement lifts the lock-down.

According to Hayley Greene, Public Relations Director for Bulloch County Schools, Statesboro High School received a second anonymous threat at approximately 10:53 this morning.  Students are all safe.

The social media threat is similar to the one last week at Statesboro High School.

Law enforcement is aware, and with their support the school has activated additional security protocols. This includes placing the school in a soft lock-down that limits movement inside the building, reduces entry to the front entrance only, but allows students with off-campus classes and jobs to proceed with their schedules.

Statesboro Police Department Statement

Statesboro Police Department released a statement that they are working with the Bulloch County Board of Education and Statesboro High School staff to ensure the safety and security of the students and staff at SHS.  They are asking for everyone to be patient and remain calm as they are investigating this incident as well as the incident from last week.  If law enforcement advises stronger action, the school will alert parents and the public.

SHS, BOE and SPD are asking for parents’ support in the following ways:

  • Please encourage your children to remain off of their cellular phones and keep lines of communication open.
  • They encourage parents to do the same.
  • Law enforcement encourages you to remain out of the area.
  • With your cooperation they can handle this situation more effectively and keep everyone safe.
  • Review School Safety Protocols by clicking here

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