City of Statesboro

In a shocker tonight City Council members Jeff Yawn, Sam Jones and Derrick Duke were all three defeated swinging the majority of the council as voters elect three new members.

Tonight was not a night for incumbents, but defiantly a night for women.  There has never been a women on Statesboro City Council, now there are three.

This is also the first time in the history of the city that we will have three African American’s serving in elected leadership making this the most diverse council in our cities history.

“Tonight’s election shows that the City of Statesboro is the city that I thought it was , a diverse southern jewel, and validates that the people of the city are ready to go in a clearly different direction other than where we have been historically”, said Jonathon McCollar, Mayor.  “Each of these ladies campaigns focused on social infrastructure, which includes programming to make sure kids are off the street, renovating parks and investing in things to create social infrastructure in the city.  This excites me.  With that I want to congratulate the three new council members and express how much I am looking forward to working with and welcoming each of these ladies who share a positive vision for the city.”

In District 2, Paulette Chavers received 299 votes to defeat incumbent Sam Jones who received 186 votes.

Elect Women

In District 3, Venus Mack received 115 votes to defeat incumbent Jeff Yawn who received 101 votes.

Elect Women

In District 5, Shari Barr received 101 votes to defeat incumbent Derek Duke who received 91 votes.

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