Outlaws Grand Opening is set for Saturday, Nov. 16th, 6AM-8PM in Clito at 99 Kyle Sorrell Road which is at the corner of 301 North near the new Dollar General.

Don’t miss it…come and experience authentic BBQ, homemade sides and desserts!

Every now and then in life some things just all seem to come together. That is the story of Shay Oglesby Foreman and her husband, Dan follows.  He loves to grill and she loves to bake and they “bump into” each other. Soon Shay and Dan find many other commonalities of the mind and heart. Dan has a family (a dad with two boys) and Shay (who has always longed to be a mom); they decide to combine their love of cooking and their love of child rearing into a concerted effort shared by two!

Outlaws Owners Shay and Danny Foreman

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and months slip by into years! During this process of daily life, the two marry and not only do they have like-minded goals as a loving couple, but also they long for a business to call their own! What a wonderful combination for a marriage to have love and a commitment transform a dream!  Dreams of wanting to share special talents with others while keeping Southern traditions alive make this entrepreneurial couple a unique pair!

Both having a servant’s heart is a rarity in this fast-paced world in which we live today. Both have hearts big enough to help their family, friends and others along the way in this journey. Lots of lessons have emerged and have been noted. As with any business startup process, the feeling of one step forward, two steps back seems to stumble into the best laid plans. Never giving up and pressing forward with never ending encouragement from Shay’s mom and dad, other family and friends helped to bolster The Foremans.

Starting a food truck adventure was a well- thought idea to provide an avenue to accomplish combining their talents while providing much needed family time for two young teen sons. Planning was strategic and measured steps were taken with the advice and counsel of family and friends! Multiple tastings and tweaking of recipes were conducted over a year to determine signature entrees, side dishes and desserts. After much testing, tasting and tell-tale signs of the possibilities, a menu emerged!

A smokin’ hot idea of a BBQ take-out restaurant coupled with an idea of taking it on the road was another calculated plan for success! Thus, a business model was born!

OUTLAWS in the BORO –  “Food so good it should be against the Law” seemed fitting for this venture! Thoughts turned into visions of rustic decor and Southern cuisine.

An idealistic dream is now a reality! Come see how a local family does serious business in the ‘Boro!   They cater with their food truck weddings, birthday parties and company events. They even smoked turkeys, hams, Boston butts, ribs and prepare side dishes for holiday parties and family gatherings.  Outlaws have a delicious array of cakes  including pound cakes, triple chocolate, coconut, butternut, German chocolate, Red Velvet, strawberry, lemon-blueberry, buttercreams and more! Pies are yummy–pecan, sweet potato, pumpkin, buttermilk, coconut & others. They do require a three-day advance notice for cakes, pies, large to-go orders and turkeys/hams/butts and multiple racks of ribs.

Outlaws is worth the short drive to Clito!

Operating hours: Wed.-Sat., 11AM – 8PM. Call 912-226-0163 to place your order

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