Grooms Elected Mayor

Voters in the City of Brooklet voted for a familiar face, Joe (JoJo) Grooms, III who they elected as their new mayor.  In JoJo, they get much desired stability to their community that has been embroiled in one controversy after another over the past few years.  Joe campaigned on restoring a voice to the citizens of Brooklet in their leadership.

The incumbent Mayor and incumbent council members in Post 1 and 2 did not run for re-election.

Grooms received 143 votes to be elected mayor to defeat Charles Howell by seven votes.  Howell received 136 votes.

In Council Post 1, Nicky Gwinnett received 164 votes to defeat Jason Knight who received 111 votes.

In Council Post 2, Brad Anderson received 197 votes to defeat Ed DiNello who received 85 votes.

Town of Register

Seat 3 incumbent is Tanya Boyd received 28 votes to defeat Shannan Grubbs, who received 5 votes.

Seat 4 (no incumbent) Alfred Jones received 20 votes to defeat William Ingram who received 8 votes.

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