If you have a pet, you understand how quickly they become a much-loved part of your family.  Your pet is the first one to greet you, excitedly, when you get home each day and walks you to the door when you leave each morning.  They are a consistent companion and source of unconditional love.  When your beloved pet passes away, it can be as traumatic as losing a loved one.  It is important that your pet gets the same respect in death that they have given you all of their life.

In 2008, Kim and Jake Futch opened Paws ‘n Reflect, a pet crematory service to ensure your pets are taken care of with the respect and dignity that they deserve.  Over the years, Paws ‘n Reflect has grown to be a very popular service handling 50 to 60 cremations per month for all types and sizes of pets.  With the growth of this business, along with Kim and Jake’s other businesses, they decided it was time to sell Paws ‘n Reflect.

In April, Bob Cook, Curt Deal and Harrison Deal purchased the business and relocated it to Deal’s Funeral Directors, which is the former Hodges Moore funeral home at 22757 US Hwy 80 East.  The crematory was relocated to private land in the county.  Also joining them is Jodie Hendrix, who serves as the manager of Paws ‘n Reflect.

After semi-retiring from the Employee Benefits business serving school systems for 20 years, Cook joined Deal helping customers with pre-need funeral arrangements for Deal Funeral Directors.

“Curt and I felt that adding the pet crematory was a natural expansion of the business.  Kim and Jake have built a great business and we feel fortunate to have purchased this from them and tocontinue this important service in our community”, said Bob Cook, Co-owner Paws ‘n Reflect.  “We are all pet owners and understand the importance of treating a pet with the dignity of the beloved family member that they are”.

Paws ‘n Reflect covers a 65 mile radius of Statesboro and works with clients directly and with veterinarian offices serving our area.  They are on call seven days a week and can pick up your pet from your home or the vet’s office.

Private cremations cost between $159 and $229 depending on the size of the pet.  With the private service, you will receive your pet’s ashes back in a beautiful wooden container.  They also offer a communal pet cremation that starts at $25 per pet.  With this service, they will dispose of the ashes for you.

According to Bob Vetere, President and CEO of the American Pet Products Association, pet care spending reached a record-breaking high of $72.56 billion in 2018.  This makes it one of the hottest markets in retail growth in the country.  People love their pets and this validates the important role pets play in our society today.

You can learn more about Paws ‘n Reflect by visiting their website at www.pawsnreflectllc.com

Also seen in DeWayne Grice’s Inside Business Column in the Statesboro Herald: https://www.statesboroherald.com/local/inside-bulloch-business-deals-funeral-directors-buys-paws-n-reflect/

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