On October 1st, 2018, Northland secured new investors that have agreed to fund a $50 million capital investment in
network improvements which will offer 100 Mbps across their serviceable footprint and roll out 1 Gigabit services
before the end of 2019.

Northland also recently hired Ed Butler, a senior Commercial Services Executive with over
20 years of business broadband sales experience to lead the effort to expand commercial services to small
and medium size fiber customers, school district infrastructure projects, rural hospital broadband services, utility and
municipality fiber solutions, as well as wireless backhaul and enterprise business fiber solutions.

“We’ve received all of the necessary funding upfront to deploy the new network enhancements and we plan to invest
the entire $50 million by the end of next year. We are excited to be able to offer 100 meg internet service across our
footprint to residential and business customers in our community and we’re looking forward to testing a 1 gig
service next year,” said Tim Kelley, Business Manager for Northland.

Additionally, Northland is singularly focused on small, medium and enterprise business customers by offering fiber
broadband solutions to commercial enterprises across our market. Tim added that, “We’re looking to partner with
local municipalities and city organizations as well as enterprise-level customers to build solutions tailor made for
their needs. Our customers have been asking us to address network issues and increase our internet speeds. As the
demand for broadband usage grows, they have also demanded more bandwidth. We’re excited to be able to address
all of their needs in the coming months. Construction crews are already working on the network and we are on a
very aggressive schedule to have all the improvements completed throughout 2019.”

Inquiries and questions can be answered at the Northland office located at 127 North Main Street Bldg B
or call Customer Service at (912) 489-8715 if you have questions about Northland’s upcoming upgrade work or
about any of the services we provide.

Northland Communications ( is a leading provider of communications services for over 30 years
in the communities served. Northland owns and manages smaller-market cable systems in Alabama, California,
Georgia, Idaho, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Washington. Northland is headquartered in Seattle,
Washington. Northland offers Digital and True High Definition TV, High-Speed Data, Fiber Broadband Solutions,
and Telephone services to individuals and businesses in the communities it serves.