SACK Pledges to Rebuild in Dublin

Last night as Hurricane Michael brought devastating wind and rain across Georgia, Statesboro based SACK’s East Dublin office was completely destroyed by fire.
“Our office in East Dublin caught fire last night as Hurricane Michael passed through”, said Madison Roesel, SACK Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “While no one was hurt, our hearts are heavy for our team in Dublin who have had so many memories in this building over the years.”

First Responders Praised

Roesel and the SACK employees praised the first respondents for coming out in such bad weather.  They send prayers them and everyone else affected by this terrible storm.  Roesel went on to say, “Things and buildings can be replaced but lives can not so we are thankful. We will rebuild, regrow and be stronger because of this.”

Warehouse and Equipment Saved

There are ten full time employees based in the office with additional staff using the office frequently.  The Warehouse on the property which houses their industrial equipment was not harmed.  They will rent temporary space for the displaced employees while they rebuild.

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