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Bulloch County Sheriff Update

Last updated on August 30, 2020

From the BCSO…

The Sheriff’s Office has received several calls this morning questioning our plans for Hurricane Michael. At our latest briefing we were advised to expect 2-4 inches of rain and potential tropical storm force wind gusts of 50 knots with sustained winds of 25-35 knots. This of course leads to standing water on the roadways, downed trees and power lines as well as power outages. We are asking citizens to stay put in a safe location until the storm passes and we have the opportunity to access damages and potential dangers to the public. We want you to know that in the case of an absolute emergency we will respond to calls for service but in the event that it becomes too dangerous for our Deputies to be on patrol we will stage them in a safe place until the storm passes. Unless the situation turns grave Sheriff Brown has no plans to initiate any type of curfew other than asking citizens to please use common sense and not be out in the storm unless it is an absolute emergency. We will update any changes or concerns as information is available.

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