Superintendent of Schools Charles Wilson announced Thursday, during the Bulloch County Board of Education meeting, that he does not recommend make-up days for the three school days missed during Hurricane Michael. Wilson made the decision after listening to feedback from elementary, middle and high school principals and ensuring that teachers could still effectively remain on pace to prepare students academically.

The school system had identified four potential severe weather make-up days in its 2018-2019 calendar: Dec. 20 and Dec. 21 for first semester and April 1 and April 2 for second semester. The days are not used automatically. The superintendent decides whether or not to activate one or more of the make-up days. Identifying potential make-up days in the calendar is a courtesy to parents and employees so they can plan accordingly.  Also, potential make-up days were purposefully selected to be days near the end of each semester, so the district would not risk closure events occurring after a potential make up day had been scheduled.

Bulloch County Schools was closed Oct. 10-12, due to the high probability of 40 mph wind gusts, which prevents safe travel for school buses. After Hurricane Michael came through Bulloch County, the district lost power to its main transportation and data hubs which service all schools and offices. This made Friday operations impossible. Some schools were also without power.

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