On Thursday, Nov. 17,2022 the Screven County Sheriff’s Office advised Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office that a subject wanted out of their county, Ralph Futch, was possibly located near the Dollar General Store in the Clito area.

Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office Drone video of arrest

Bulloch Sheriff’s Sgt. Doug Harrell, who was aware Futch had previously fled from Screven County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, requested the assistance of a drone for aerial surveillance of the area where Futch was located.

Bulloch Sheriff’s Investigator Will Sims responded with a drone and was able to locate Futch behind a mobile home next to the Dollar General. Multiple deputies were able to respond to the area and quickly apprehend Futch without incident.

Bulloch Sheriff Noel Brown expressed his appreciation for the quick location and apprehension of Futch.