East Georgia Regional Medical Center (EGRMC) brought their employees, with more than 20 years of service, together this week to honor them.

The EGRMC employees recognized had a combined 1,570 years of service to the local hospital spanning over 50 years. The service awards dinner was held at the Nesmith Lane building on the Georgia Southern campus. Each employee, with more than 20 years of service, was recognized individually.

EGRMC Honored
EGRMC team members honored with awards dinner Credit: Grice Connect

All of the EGRMC employees honored have been working at the hospital much longer than the current CEO Stephen Pennington, who has been in Statesboro three years, along with most of the leadership. Many of them have worked at the hospital longer than any of the doctors currently serving our community.

Most of the employees worked in the old Bulloch Memorial Hospital before the new hospital was constructed in 2000.

Lillie Lundy and Mary Henderson are EGRMC employees who were honored as the two longest serving employees. They both have over 50 years of service.

EGRMC honors
L-R: Mary Henderson and Lillie Lundy are the two longest serving hospital employees Credit: Grice Conenct

Yolanda Giddens, 82, is the oldest employee working at EGRMC.

EGRMC honored
L-R: Stephen Pennington, Yolanda Giddens and Mary Burdett Credit: Grice Connect

“New employees and leaders like myself are thankful for all the years of service each of these staff members have put in. If they hadn’t served so faithfully over the years to the hospital, the community and our patients it would be difficult to move our hospital forward,” said Stephen Pennington, CEO. “We owe a huge responsibility to each of you to carry your extraordinary work forward. We all work hard to make you proud, the same way you have made all of us so proud of your commitment to our hospital and community.”

“We have around 1,000 employes, each with unique talents and skills. It takes everyone pulling together to make it work. I saw a lot of love tonight and a lot of teamwork. That is really special and I thank you all for it”, Pennington continued.

Below is a video of the service awards presentations:

EGRMC Service Awards Ceremony

EGRMC Service Award Recipients

20 Year Recipients

EGRMC Honored
Employees in attendance recognized for 20 years of service Credit: Grice Connect
  • Tessie Grumbar, Nursery
  • Felicia Higgs, Nursery
  • Wendy Weaver, Nursery
  • Nicola Stansel, L&D
  • Cindy McCullough, L&D
  • Charity Yates, OB/GYN
  • Yolanda Giddens, Peds
  • Kathy Jenkins, SDS
  • Tammy Mascarello, Radiology
  • JJ Wiggins, Radiology
  • Burke Basquin, Pharmacy
  • Sharon Williams, Authorizations
  • Bernita White, Authorizations
  • Shirlynn Ellison, Nutrition
  • Penny Faircloth, Scheduling
  • Nancy Stovall, Nursery
  • Dawn Lambert, SDS
  • Joyce Sello, CPS
  • Trish Lanier, Tele/Med/Surg
  • Linda Curry, Med/Surg

25 Year Recipients

EGRMC Honored
Employees in attendance recognized for 25 years of service Credit: EGRMC
  • Patricia Davis, Wound Care
  • Kimberly Smith, Peds
  • Amy Torres, SIC
  • Crystal Boyd, ACU
  • Staci Kennedy, ACU
  • Wanda Washington, ER
  • Amanda Dowd, WP
  • Stephanie Shurling, CPS
  • Linda Oglesby, Surgery
  • Amy Shuman, ER

30 Year Recipients

Employees in attendance recognized for 30 years of service Credit: Grice Connect
  • Kimberly Wolf, L&D
  • Deborah McNure, L&D
  • Stacci McNure, Surgery
  • Cecile Weaver, SDS
  • Michael Strait, Lab
  • Charlene Key, Nutrition
  • Anita Williams, Nutrition
  • Sheila Miles, Admissions
  • Lucia Wallace, Admissions
  • Shelia Williams, CPS

35 Year Recipients

EGRMC Honored
Employees in attendance recognized for 35 years of service Credit: Grice Connect
  • Betty Drummer, Supply Chain
  • Mae Jones, Central
  • John Shumate, PACU
  • Mary Pryor, Lab
  • Cathy Lawson, L&D
  • Sharon Deal, Nursery
  • Katie Olson, CPS
  • Joy Pope, CPS
  • Alma Sabb, Surgery

40 Year Recipients

Employees in attendance recognized for 40 years of service Credit: Grice Connect
  • Latrelle Carter, HR
  • Sheila Sanchez-Vesga, SIC
  • Kathy Holmes, Admin
  • Patricia Harden, SDS

45 Year Recipients

Frances Walker has 45 years of service Credit: Grice Connect
  • Frances Walker, Surgery

50 Year Recipients

Mary Henderson and Lillie Lundy recognized for 50 years of service Credit: Grice Connect
  • Lillie Lundy, SDS
  • Mary Henderson, Radiology

Each of these employees display tremendous loyalty and commitment to the hospital and more importantly to our community.

These staff members and all of their peers have served us valiantly over the past three years. COVID proved to be their greatest challenge. They rose to the occasion and stood beside all of us as we battled through this as a community.

This recognition was well deserved and Grice Connect was honored to have been able to capture the event on video and report on their commitment and success.

DeWayne Grice

Herschel DeWayne Grice is the founder of Grice Connect an online news and information company in Statesboro, Georgia. DeWayne has been active in the media for over three decades. He brings a unique insight...