Sally Mae’s in Brooklet saw a much larger crowd inside their restaurant Tuesday morning as a small crew from Fox and Friends broadcasted live interviews from the restaurant.

Credit: Grice Connect

“They just want a blue collar worker point of view,” Sally Mae’s owner Scott Haddon said. “This is where all the hard workers, farm people come and eat.”

Two Tuesdays ago, Haddon got a call from Fox asking to go live from the restaurant, and at 4:30 in the morning this Tuesday, they started setting up at Sally Mae’s.

“I just don’t think that the country is being run for the middle class and lower class right now, and that’s what I serve,” said Haddon, “They’re the ones that are most affected.”

Fox and Friends personality Lawrence Jones interviews one customer at Sally Mae’s in Brooklet on Tuesday May 24, Georgia Primary election day. Credit: Eden Hodges/Grice Connect

Lawrence Jones of Fox and Friends interacted with customers from the time the restaurant opened until 9 a.m., asking questions and posing for several selfies.

Customers like Jeff and Stacie Anderson were asked about the election and what issues they’re most concerned about. For Stacie this was schools, inflation and issues at the border.

Stacie and Jeff Anderson. Credit: Grice Connect

“My husband and I watch Fox News every day and we are crazy about Lawrence and all of the Fox News personalities, so we wanted to come have a chance to meet him today,” said Anderson.

Segments of the broadcast are now available online. We asked Haddon if he ever watched Fox and Friends.

“I do now,” he said with a chuckle.