Grice Connect has received a special copy of a letter from Santa Claus to the families of healthcare, public safety, military and first responders. The Santa Claus letter explains alternative delivery dates for these special families.

A jolly greeting to you from the North Pole! Christmas is fast approaching, and we’re all hard at work preparing for the big night. You surely know every December 25th I visit children around the world, spreading holiday cheer. But did you know I make other, special trips for children just like you?

lighted christmas tree Santa Claus letter
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I’ve only sent this message to a special group of kids around the world, the kids of healthcare, public safety, military and first responders. I know sometimes your mom or dad can’t be home on Christmas Day because they are working hard keeping us safe and healthy.

Christmas is about family, and even though your mom or dad will be working hard on the 25th, I want your whole family to have a very special Christmas morning TOGETHER.

With that in mind, my elves have helped me set up a few special deliveries for you as soon as your mom or dad is off work.

Always remember, Christmas isn’t about a box on the calendar, but the feeling we keep in our hearts. Thank you for being such great children, and sharing your moms and dads with us all when we need them most.

Merry Christmas!

K. Kringle

The Grice Connect team sends our thanks to you, our communities bravest heroes for protecting our community in extraordinary ways every day. We know for you it is just your job, but for all of us you are what makes our community a wonderful, safe place to call home.

Thank you, my God continue to shower his blessing on you and Merry Christmas!

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