Feed the Boro emergency SHS food drop at Saturday, September 18, 2021 is made possible by a partnership with the Lori Grice Photography, Second Harvest Food Bank and generous donors. The drop will begin at 8:30 AM and continue until 10:30 AM unless the food runs out earlier.

The Damascus men and volunteers from the community will be helping with this food drop.

At the completion of this food drop on Saturday, Feed the Boro will have provided nearly 369,600 meals to 6,600 Bulloch County families.

The emergency COVID-19 food drop will be held at Statesboro High School, 10 Lee Hill Boulevard.  FTB volunteers will be distributing the food.  That will be enough food to feed 300 families of four for one week.

This food drop will be the seventh massive food drop that has been coordinated and led by Feed the Boro volunteers during the COVID pandemic.

300 Family Food Drop at SHS on Saturday

Due to COVID, this is considered an Emergency Drop.  For this reason, there is NO financial requirement to receive food.  ANYONE in Bulloch County who needs food is encouraged to participate, but you are encouraged to get in line early. 

Enter Drop from Fleming Drive

To participate, you should enter the Statesboro High campus from the backside off Fleming Drive.  You will enter the road that runs between the SHS football stadium and the school building, then proceed into the parking area where the distribution will be held.  The gates on Blue Devil Drive and the entrance off Lee Hill Boulevard will be closed.  The only way to enter will be off Fleming Drive. 

Trunk or Rear of Vehicle MUST be Cleaned Out

FTB volunteers will be following strict COVID protocols in making this a contactless delivery.  When citizens reach the distribution area, they MUST have their trunk open and cleaned out. SUV’s will need the rear to be accessible and cleaned out also.   

Volunteers will not be allowed to touch nor move items around in your vehicle.  If it is not cleaned out, they will only place what is possible in the space is available.  You WILL NOT receive the full distribution if there is not space to put the food items.

Cars will slowly roll through the nine food stations without stopping.  Having your trunk cleaned out is imperative to prevent slowing the distribution down for others in line.

DeWayne Grice

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