20,424 people have voted so far in the 2020 general election, representing 44.3% of registered voters.

The breakdown is 6,020 mail votes, and 14,404 early, in-person votes.

7,497 people have requested a mail ballot for the 2020 general election. That leave 1,477 absentee ballots still not returned.

In the last presidential election in 2016 Bulloch saw 73.5 percent turnout (35,327 voters). Bulloch will need to turn out another 14,903 on Tuesday to match the high turnout reached in 2016.

Polls will open from 7 am to 7 pm statewide. Citizens will vote in their normal countywide voting precincts. If you are unsure of where your precinct is you can go to mvp.sos.ga.gov to locate it.

Due to COVID several precincts have been relocated. Here is the list of updated precincts:

For more voting information or to view sample ballots visit Grice Connects voter information page.

ID is required when Voting

  • Valid identification card “picture” issued by a branch, department, agency or entity of the State of Georgia, another state;
  • Valid United States passport;
  • Valid employee identification card containing a photograph of and issued by any branch, department, agency or entity of the United States government, this state, or any county, municipality board, authority,
  • Other entity of this state; or valid US military identification card with photograph;
  • Valid tribal identification card with photograph

DeWayne Grice

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